Original Outfit

Andrea the 'Barista' is one of the three close friends to Audrey out of whom you have the choice to recruit to start the game. Andrea is is of the Sporty Club.


Andrea has Skin Tone 2, Orange Small Mouth, Black ponytail, Brown Normal Eyes and will be available in most of your goals...if you recruit her.

Original OutfitEdit

Andrea originally wears a Purple Pleated Tank Top, White Shorts and White Lace Peep Toe Heels.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Math Tutor 40/hour N/a
Teacher's Assistant 60/hour ?
Chem Lab Leader 100/hour 55
Assistant Professor 180/hour ?
Math Lecturer 300/hour 255

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

Andrea appears in Episode as the main character's roommate Angie in Campus Crush.