Original Outfit

Ashley 'Softball player' is of the Sporty club.

Ashley is a part of the second set of Cash recruitable girls. This set works slightly differently to the others as it keeps the two girls you chose not to recruit from set one and replaces the one you recruited with Ashley.


Ashley has Skin tone 3, Green Normal Eyes, Orange Small Mouth and Orange Medium Messy Hair.

Career LineEdit

Career Cash Education
Tee Ball Instructor 40/hour N/A
Outfielder 60/hour 16 (D)
Shortstop 100/hour 44 (D)
Pitcher 180/hour 112 (D)
Softball Coach 300/hour 204 (D)

(A) Apple (D) Droid

Appearance in Other AppsEdit

In Episode, Ashley plays as Courtney in Campus Crush and along with Faith, she plays as Paige in A Perfect World, Miranda in Super Secret Cedar Hill.