Japan! was a limited time diamond quest in late July/early August 2013.

Opening DialogueEdit

Kazumi: Hello girls! Ready for your history lesson?!

Michelle/Stacy/Andrea: Oh, hey, Kazumi, so glad you made it! I'm dying in my summer course on Imperial Japan! What's with the costume?

Kazumi: This is my samurai costume to put you in the history mood. You are now my official apprentice.

Michelle/Stacy/Andrea: Awesome, this is going to be soo much...

Kazumi: Silence! Now is the time for focused work!

Japan!: Apprentice (1/4)Edit

Set up our own dojo to learn about Japanese History!

In this quest, you need to:

1. Buy two of 'Bamboo Rug' decoration

2. Travel to Tokyo

3. Have four girls recruited to your sorority

In return, you recieve 'Red Samurai Armor'