Once you have 13 girls in your sorority, you can unlock the 'Pets' section of the shop. After buying a pet, you then unlock the pet furniture section in the furniture store.

Pets cost a certain amount of 'Tent Items' and a considerable amount of cash, which increases as you recruit more girls. Each pet contributes to your house points and each requires more recruited girls than the one before it. You can name your pets but can only have one of each.

Pets work similarly to a mix of boyfriends and furniture in that you can use energy to make them happier, and that when they're happy they regularly give off either cash or pet collectibles.


The cat is a very fun pet to play with, so don't waste your time dressing up your characters! Play with them!


The dogs are lovely to play with but they can make a bit of a mess around the house. Beware!!

Doe-eyed BoxerEdit

You need 12 girls to buy it. It costs 2 tent items, and with 12 girls, 164160 cash. It gives you 35 house points.

Cute Little BunnyEdit

You need 16 girls to buy it. It costs ? tent items, and with 16 girls, ? cash. It gives you 40 house points.

Adorable Shiba InuEdit

You need 18 girls to buy it. It costs ? tent items, and with 18 girls, ? cash. It gives you 45 house points.

Quest: Buy a PetEdit

Upon unlocking pets, you get the quest 'Buy a Pet'. Yeah!!!!

Quest: I Love my Pet!Edit

'Play and Feed'

Upon buying your first pet, you get the quest 'I Love my Pet!'.

In this quest you have to:

1. Feed your pet twice.

2. Play with your pet three times.

In return for this you get 6840 cash.

Tent items are items from the little tent which holds challenges and will sometimes have tent items up for grabs!

However there seems to be a bug, which is unknown to be fixed. On the game, it will say you require 8 recruits for a pet. However, once you have 8 recruits it still won't work.