Spy! was a limited time diamond quest in late July 2013.

Opening DialogueEdit

Annika: You girls wouldn't have a little place for me to hang out for awhile would you?

Audrey: Hey, have we met on Campus?

Annika: I'm Annika. I can't really explain, but I just need a place to lie low.

Audrey: Ok, I wouldn't want to turn a girl away. Welcome!

Annika: Thanks, you're great! Now, I'm just going to have to make a few improvements to your house...

Spy!: Intrigue (1/4)Edit

There's something suspicious about Annika! What's she up to?

In this quest, you have to:

1. Place the 'Spy Safe' decoration

2. Buy two of the 'Spy Satellite Dish' decoration

3. Have four girls recruited to your sorority

In return, you recieve 'Spy Goggles'